Our product is designed for you to go right into the point of your campaign. You can texts 1000’s of potential voters at one time.

Has been created so that you can engage the voter by phone using a customized script tailored to your campaign’s winning strategy.

Every vote counts. Our solution works in real time mapping. This assures you that your Canvassers are knocking on the right door every time.

When don’t want to miss that call. Our solutions include traditional voice, SMS, Video, Picture Mail, Faxing, and much more.


No Long Term Contracts.
Monthly 90 Days 6 Month Options


59.99 Monthly


99 Monthly

Door Knocker


59.99 Monthly Up to 5500 people

Campaign Office Phone

39.99 Monthly

How IT Works

  • 2015-

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We started our as a canvasser “Door Knocker” and we realized we enjoyed working in the community, being involved in the voter push, and helping a fellow voter make an educated decision, and seeing a candidate reach all potential voters.

  • September 2018

    An Agency is Born

    We decided to form OCOfAmerica. Who is Organizing Canvassers of America. We are a group of people who have developed canvassing applications , and have a team of door knockers ready to push your campaign

  • July 2019

    Launch of Mobile Office & Miniblast

    We are excited we have launched 2 very exciting products that will change how businesses blast our text messages and take their office on the go with them.

  • Fall of 2019

    Phase Two Expansion

    Canvasser and Blaster will be under way. Candidates are pushing full steam ahead to make their campaign number one and we are here to help you reach all potential voters and become number one in their eyes.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

Desta Keith

Public Relations

Norman Dennis


MD Toufik Ahamed

Product Development

Karin Dennis

Marketing Management

A strong, dedicated, and determined group of people. Our products will not just help you Campaign, we also have teams of trained Canvassers to spearhead your field Campaign.