Door Knocker

Product: Door Knocker

With Door Knocker you can or we can put your on the ground field campaign together. Simply connect with your local Voters Registration office request a list of current voters. Build a target of door knocking at least 4 days a week, and get your word out to the people

$ 49 .99 /MON
  • Up to 5KUsers
  • Real Time Tracking
$ 145 .99 /MON
  • Up to 25KUsers
  • Real Time Tracking
$ 329 .99 /MON
  • Up to 100KUsers
  • Real Time Tracking

Larger High Volume Plans

Junior Executive
$ 999 .00 /MON
  • Up to 250KUsers
  • Real Time Tracking
Presidents Suite
As You like
  • Get in Touch With Us For a Consultation
  • Let’s Talk Users and Pricing

  • 1. You are Running for Office
  • 2. What you Stand for and will do for the people
  • 3. Leave your Reading Material
  • 4. How and where to go Vote for you at during the Primaries and General Election

  • Solo Campaigns
  • We can Run Your Canvassing Campaign
  • 5 Days a Week
  • 5 Professional Canvassers
  • 4 Hours A Day
  • 300 or More Houses in Suburbs
  • 200 or More in Spacious Neighborhoods
  • Starting at
  • 9,000.00 Monthly
  • Joint Campaigns
  • Shared with 2 to 4 other Candidates
  • 5 Days a Week
  • Starting at
  • 4,500.00 Monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

How is pricing determined?

It is based on the number of leads you upload.

What are my customer service options?

We have a forum, help page, live chat during 9am Est to 6pm Est.