Canvasser Application

We Are A Non Partisan Organization. We Are A Non Partisan Organization. Before you start the application process be sure to have a copy of your Drivers License or State Identification, Social Security Card, and other other proper documentation. To complete this application.

Key Things

  • 1. You Must be at least 16 years of age to be employed with our company.
  • 2. We do a 1099 * Anyone who earns over 600 will receive a w9 at the end of the year
  • 3. We do not take out taxes, or offer benefits

We Are A Non Partisan Organization

Personal Information
Mr. Miss Ms. Mrs. Dr. PA Clergy
Contact Information
Documentation: Attaching the Following.
National ID
Drivers License
Social Security Card

School Address City State Zip Did you Graduate Years Attended Degree
1. High School
2 College
3 University
4 Tech or School

Company Address City State Zip Position Reason for leaving or termination Telephone


These questions are not asked to pass judgment, but so that after an interviewing process if hired, we know how to place you a position with our company.
However,if you are dishonest it will prevent you from going through our interview process, and possibly obtaining employment with our company.

Question Yes No
Have you been convicted of a felony?
Are you on probation?
Are you a Registered Sex Offender?
Do you receive SNAP or other benefits?