Campaign Management

We are excited you have chosen Organize Canvassers of America to help you run your election campaign. We want you to know that we will be here with you every step of the way. Here at Organizing Canvassers of America we build your campaign in 4 Parts. We also have the Products and Tools to help you push your campaign during the election season to the win.

OCOfAmerica knows that running a campaign can be costly. We are here to give you top of the line quality service, with exceptional concern and care regarding your needs, offer flexible payment plans and focused to see you through until the end.

  • Registration
    • Becoming Qualified
    • Petitions of Paying the Filing Fees
  • Campaigning
    • Assistant with Fundraising
    • Assistant with Speaking Engagements
    • Marketing
  • Field Campaign
    • Canvassing
    • Phone Banking
    • Direct Mail
    • Billboards & Marketing
    • Massive Texting
    • Media Image
  • Primary & Election
    • Location for both Watches
    • Media Presence
Sl No. Products We Offer Product Description
1 BroadCaster This broad is used for phone banking.
2 Door Knocker This product is designed for you to knock on the door of each voter.
3 Campaign Office Phone Phone service in your phone that allows you to never miss a call.
4 Texter Allows you to text large numbers of potential voters at one time.