Do my Minutes roll over?

Yes for 30 Days.

Can I upgrade my plan in the middle of my billing cycle

Yes, but it will not take effect until the beginning of the next billing cycle.

What if I run out of minutes?

You can buy another plan, since we are monthly and you are not on a contract, you can add a pay by the minute plan.

Does my plan include international minutes?


Can I buy international minutes?

Yes, Check below for Rate


Do I pay per contact I add?

No, OCofAmerica will not charge you to build your contact database.

How do minutes over my plan work?

If you go over your minutes In your plan you service will stop until your next month, you upgrade your plan or you can do additional minutes on our by the minute plan.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes, however it will not take place until the beginning of your next billing cycle. We do not upgrade in the middle of a cycle. We will allow you to buy more than one plan.

Can I download my plan?

You may choose to download your plan at any time, however it will not take effect until the beginning of your next billing cycle.

Do my minutes expire?

Yes they expire 30 days after your last billing cycle. If you win that election you have time to go back and send a thank you text to each voter for helping you win your election.

Does my plan include any international minutes?

No, our platform supports US and Canadian calls.

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How is pricing determined?

It is based on the number of leads you upload.

What are my customer service options?

We have a forum, help page, live chat during 9am Est to 6pm Est.

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